Campbell Soup Recipes for Chicken that Your Kid Love Much

Do you have kids who don’t really to eat chicken? If you do, possibly you have to know about Campbell soup recipes for chicken selected for kids. They will be really pleased to eat up. They will not feel that the meal is not delicious anymore. 

Instead of cooking chicken and your kids till see the form of chicken, you can try hide the chicken by making certain meal which is not like chicken. Cheesy chicken quesadillas, for instance. From the appearance, your kids will feel like it is not chicken. In fact, it is made of chicken.

Then, how do you make it? First of all, you need to buy a can of Campbell condensed cheddar cheese soup. This is what you have to purchase first when you really want to make such healthy and delicious meal.

The other ingredients are canola oil, red onion, red pepper, green pepper, chili powder, shredded cooked chicken, soar cream, and large flour tortillas. All those ingredients should be put on the kitchen then you are ready to cook.

Now, let’s turn to the most important part, the way to make this food. It is easy. First, heat the skillet in medium heat and put onion, red pepper, green pepper, ad chili powder all together. Stir in salsa and soup for about 5 minutes. Then, you can stir the chicken and add green onion.

The next step is spreading out a quarter of chicken filling over the half of tortilla. The last is coating. However, you have to prepare a clean skillet in advance. Then, you can use nonstick cooking spray for coating. Toast quesadilla and wait till three minute. Before you serve it, you need to cut each quesadilla into wedges. Now, you can serve it to kids using sour cream. 

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