Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Family Time

Going out for dinner will not be the only option if you want to have family time after you know quick and easy dinner ideas. Or are you too busy to prepare good food for your family then you pick dinner out as the final decision? 

Even though you only have limited time after working and you have to back home in the evening, you still have enough time to prepare for the dinner since the following recipe will make you capable of serving your family with good, healthy and delicious meal only in less than 20 minutes. You only need to ask your husband and kids to wait and watch TV first while you are cooking. 

Anyway, what is the meal that can be prepared only in 20 minutes? It is shrimp with spinach pasta. If you and your family love seafood, no hesitate you this meal on the table in warm family time.

Which ingredients are required to have? Here you are

  • ¾ pound gemelli
  • Butter
  • Baby spinach
  • Leeks
  • Shrimp that has been peeled, and
  • Heavy cream

The first thing that you have to cook is pasta. Do cooking process just like the direction in the package. If you finish cooking pasta, you can drain it.

Then, heat the pan in medium. Put the butter, leeks, a half of teaspoon salt, and pepper on the pan. Stir them occasionally till the leeks turn to be soft. Further, you can add the shrimp and cook it for about 5 minutes. Take out the shrimp and you are ready to cook the pasta. Heat the pan and put pasta with cream and salt on it. Stir till they are mixed well. The last is combining the shrimp mixture with spinach. Now, you can ask everybody to join in the dining room to have dinner together.

You might be able to find many quick and easy dinner ideas but this recipe is recommended to try at home, probably you can do it tonight. Have a nice dinner with family. 

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