Shrimp and Pasta Recipes for Your Tonight Special Dinner

Now, people have already been aware how important seafood and they prefer to practice shrimp and pasta recipes for their healthy. For some people, shrimp tastes weird. It is odor of fish. However, it will not happen if you cook it with pasta. Are you interested?

You should hold on second. Try to prepare anything that you should have. Remember, you don’t have to master cooking skill like chef or like your mother who have had long experience as housewife. Anyone that possibly rarely goes to the kitchen to cook their own food is able to practice this shrimp and pasta recipe.

All you need to do is to make sure that you have stock of these following ingredients, fettuccine, butter, fresh garlic, red pepper, lemon juice, salt, black pepper, spinach, and of course shrimp. In this case, it is strongly-recommended that you buy the large one.

Now, if you already have had those ingredients, you can start cooking process. First, you need to cook paste in advance. Read the instruction how to cook the pasta in the package. Omit the salt and fat. When it is done, you can put it aside and but keep it warm.

Then, put the skillet over the stove with medium heat. Melt the butter on it and you can cook shrimp. Add garlic and red pepper. Stir them occasionally in order to make sure that they are combined well. Then you can add black pepper, lemon juice to omit the odor of fish, spinach and of course pasta. Cook them all till spinach turns to wilt. Stir them occasionally and it is done. The shrimp with pasta is ready to be served while warm. It is truly easy and it won’t take a long time 

This kind of food is recommended served during special dinner with a very special person. Compared to other shrimp and pasta recipes, it is easy and very delicious. You can try it at home tonight.

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