Super-Fast yet Special Good Dinner Ideas at Home

If you are planning to have romantic dinner with your loved one, you have to find good dinner ideas. In terms of food, white trash pull ball will make your night with your special one much more romantic. 

What kind of food it is? It is more like snack but it will make you full. It is easy to make probably you only need 20-25 minutes to cook. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it is less special. It is recommended for your romantic dinner since you don’t have to work hard and long time in the kitchen. So, you have a lot of time with your special one on the table.

Ingredients that You Have to Prepare

There are only three different ingredients that you have to prepare.

  • Packagehormel pepperoni
  • Cream cheese 
  • Package Pillsbury refrigerated crescent dinner roll 

All those ingredients can be bought in your near grocery. Just stop by and buy the ingredients on your way back home. Then, you will be ready to prepare your special dinner at home.

Take the crescent rolls and separate them. Make into the triangles. Slice it into the smaller ones. Take the pepperoni and chop it into small pieces. Take and mix them with cream cheese. Stir the mixture till pepperoni and cream cheese are mixed all together.

Take the mixture and put it into the roll triangles then pinch up the sides. Do it over and over. Put on the special board for baking and take in oven. Set it in 350 degree Fahrenheit. Baking process is about 11 minutes.

While you are waiting for baking, you can have shower and get beautiful dress. Make sure that you text your loved one and let him know that dinner is ready.

Absolutely, among all good dinner ideas, this meal is easy and special for romantic dinner with your beloved one.

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