The Dinner Ideas for Kids that Make Them Prefer at Home

When you apply one of the suggested dinner ideas for kids, probably you have warm family time. Kids will not avoid having dinner with the whole family even though sometimes they usually refuse to join and prefer to have fun with their friends. Especially during weekend, having dinner with friends or probably with special person is much more interesting. 

However, they will make up their mind if you can attract them with this delicious dish. So, if you are a parent who almost gives up attracting your kids to join dinner with whole family, be patient and pay attention to the recipe below. Your kids will love the food.

In this time, you will make a very easy-to-make food. It is cheesy chicken bagel pizza. It is a good choice if your kids like to eat pizza.

The ingredients that you have to prepare for this food are:

  • Plain bagels 
  • Lower-sodium marinara sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Chicken breast

For the ingredients above, you can see that this is one of healthy dinner ideas for kids and all members in your family, right?

Now, if you have prepared those ingredients, you can go to the further step; the cooking process.

First of all, you can to broil the bagel halves. Preheat the broil and cut the sides up and put the bagels on the broiler. Make it till lightly toasted.

The next step is spreading out the marinara only on one side of the bagel half. Then, you can put chicken on the top and sprinkled cheese. Broil the bagel for about two minutes or more. Make sure that cheese is melting well. Then the food is ready to serve.

Actually, it is light food that everybody can consume even those who have diet program. Try to get some other dinner ideas for kids to make them prefer to have dinner with family at home than friends outside.

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