The Most Suggested Campbell Soup Recipe for Active Person Like You

Don’t eat too much but not less. This suggestion will not be heard anymore when you know this Campbell soup recipe. This recipe has high carbohydrate to give you sufficient energy. However, it has low fat that doesn’t need to worry about. So, what do you think? Do you think that it deserves to try at home? 

Campbell Read to Use Beef Broth is the main ingredient that you have to prepare. Probably, it is the only one that you have to go out and buy right now. Meanwhile, the other ingredients must have been in the kitchen like butter, onion, bay leaves, red wine, vinegar, black pepper, baguette, and cheese. When you have already had those ingredients, it is time for you to go to the next process; cooking process.

Please, be careful to read in cooking instruction below. You don’t have to be in hurry since it doesn’t take long time. Do like exact instruction below.

First, on medium heat, you need to melt the butter. Then, you can combine it with bay leaves, sauté and onion. Wait till the color of onion turns to golden brown.

Next step is adding the thyme and flour. Cook for about three minutes. Afterward, you can add vinegar and wine that you have prepared.

Then, you can add black pepper as you like and broth on the pot. In this case, you need to cook for about 15 minutes till it is cooked well. Take the bowls and pour the food into the bowls. The last is putting two slices of baguette which has been toasted on the top of the bowls then you can cover it with cheese and gruyere.

Now, you can go to oven and broil it till cheese bubbles or the color turns to golden brown. Isn’t it easy to make? 

Some people have already practice this Campbell soup recipe. Some of them don’t quite like to use beef. They use chicken, instead. According to them, the beef broth makes the food over powering. You can try to use chicken and beef broth and then you show your opinion which one is better.

If you are such an active person and you need sufficient energy, this soup can be served as meal for breakfast. Probably, you need to make it tomorrow before going to the office. 

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