The Recipe for Lasagna that Works as Your Diet Program

Many women are scared of recipe for lasagna. If they like cooking, possibly they will take a dim view of this recipe and take the other alternatives that don’t make them look fat and less interesting. Is that true?

Actually, it is not totally true. If you think so, you will make your mind if you know lasagna recipe below. From the ingredients, you will see that they contain sufficient carbohydrate, protein, and vitamins. What are the ingredients?

  • Lean ground beef
  • Cottage cheese
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Dried parsley
  • Eggs
  • Black paper, and
  • Lasagna noodles

Go to the kitchen and make sure that you have already had the ingredients. Before you start cooking, there is something that you should understand that the process of cooking lasagna with this recipe might take long time. Probably, it takes an hour.

First of all, take the skillet. If you have the large one, it would be better. Heat it the ground beef. Make the grease drain. Add the spaghetti sauce then you can simmer for several minutes. 5 minutes are enough.

The next step is that you take a large bowl and combine the following ingredients; cottage cheese, eggs, dried parsley, black paper, and salt.

Now, you are ready to prepare the baking dish. Spread the sauce mixture into the bottom of the dish first. Take 3 lasagna noodles which haven’t been cooked yet and cover it completed with cheese mixture and also sauce. Do the same way to make the second layers. Put the noodles on the top with sauce and cheese. You need to add little water, probably a half cup water and pour it into the edge of the pan. The last step is covering it up using aluminum foil.

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