There is No Much Easier than Campbell Soup Chicken and Rice Recipe

Can you show me the other special yet easy food to make than Campbell soup chicken and rice recipe? Probably you can mention some but all the lists that you have mentions need to be erased after knowing that making chicken and rice bake together is extremely easy. 

You can serve this food at the table tonight if you have no idea what kind of food that make the whole family will really enjoy. All you have to do is preparing some ingredients like Campbell condensed cream of mushroom soup, paprika, skinless and boneless chicken breast halves, grain white rice, and black pepper. Make sure that all those ingredients are already on the table. Then, you can start working on the most important process. It is cooking time.

You will probably be surprised since there are only some steps that you have to do in making this kind food. First step is preparing baking dish to stir soup, water, rice, black pepper, and paprika. Then, you need to cover it with the chicken. If you like, you can add seasoning with black pepper and paprika.

The next step is baking. Set in 375OF and enter the chicken. You need to be patient to wait since it might take approximately 45 minutes. It is enough time to prepare the dining room or making family’s favorite drink. Or you can relax by watching movie while waiting for family members coming.

One more thing. If you prefer to have brown rice, you can change white rice with brown one. Using brown rice, this recipe will be going to be very special. So, are you ready to make this food at home for dinner with family tonight? Prepare the ingredients and make your family happy at the table.

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