Unique Idea to Make Special Chicken and Rice Recipes

You will not believe that chicken and rice recipes will make this ordinary food become special like dishes served in most luxurious restaurants. However, this special food can be served in your own home easily. The most important thing is that your family will forget about planning to go out to have meal. They have quality family time to gather on the table with very delicious and special chicken and rice.

Something that you must prepare is to understand the idea how to make it special. In this time, you can try this recipe. First of all, prepare to take note of the ingredients that you have to own. Make sure that you have stock in the kitchen. The ingredients are:

  • Skinned and boned chicken. It is recommended that you choose the breast
  • Long grain rice
  • Bacon sliced
  • A half cup of onion which has been chopped
  • Mushrooms. Slice and drain them in advance
  • Salt
  • Pepper

When you have already had those ingredients, now you can start cooking process. First, you need to cut and slice the chicken. Meanwhile, you can heat the rice. Take the bacon and sauté it in medium heat. Sauté it till crispy.

Further, you can sauté the onion. Make sure that you don’t sauté for long time. Sauté till it is tender. Then, take the chicken that has been sliced and sauté it for about 8 minutes. Stir the sliced chicken with rice, bacon, peas and the other ingredients. Cook it till all ingredients mix well. Possibly, you need to cook it for about 3 minutes and it is ready to serve. 

To have more beautiful appearance, you can add fresh parsley spring. It is suggested that this chicken and rice are served in such a large white plate to make it like five-star restaurant dish. Isn’t it easy to apply the special chicken and rice recipes?

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